Image Optimisation for fast web pages

Slow websites are just plain frustrating. Your visitors may give up and go elsewhere and Search Engines like Google may give you a poor ranking.

There are many reasons that web pages may load slowly. The most common reason is that the download size is too large due to having too many photos/images and unoptimized photos/images.

We see so many people take high resolution photos of their phone camera or download photos from stock photography websites. They then upload these directly to their web pages without any consideration for their dimensions and file size. This is the most common reason the web pages are SLOW..

In this tutorial we demonstrate a simple web page with 3 typical images that have not been optimised. You will see that it takes 6.6 seconds for the page to download on an average internet speed. 

We then show you how to determine the best dimensions for each image, how to optimise the file size without compromising quality. This will reduce the page download time to only 1.6 seconds.

Note: This tutorial compares the quality of photos before and after optimisation. To get the best value, please view this video in full screen. Also click the gear icon at the bottom right of the video and make sure the quality is set to 1080p