How we use demo.wpget.net to determine layout preferences

Determining the best page layout to use  for client websites is important. To make this easier, we have a clear process to work with clients in a visual way.

There are so many options and opinions about the best layout for website pages. Mobile friendly layouts should always be assumed. Any website should lay out in a simple and consistent flow for mobile devices. On Desktops and Tablets, there is more screen width to be creative with. 

The best layout for a page depends on:

  • How much content there is
  • What types of content there is
  • The “persona” of the website i.e. Professional, Jovial, Child Like, Artistic etc.
  • Most of all, the clients personal preferences
To help our clients communicate their preferences to us, we have developed a demo site with a number of layout options for consideration. This video discusses how we use the website.