Why we use WordPress at WP Get

At WP Get We love WordPress, in fact we love it so much it’s all we do. But why did we choose WordPress as our website platform over other options like WIX, Squarespace, or any of the other builders out there?

Advantages and disadvantages

There are a multitude of reasons, but the biggest advantages of WordPress over the other platforms is that WordPress is system agnostic.

This means that it doesn’t matter where it’s hosted. That means if you want to move your site to another provider, you can pick up your site and move it without the hassle of wondering if your site will continue to work.

Of course, not all hosting platforms are built the same so always do your research, but that’s a topic for another day.

Other advantages come from the age of WordPress, starting in 2003 it’s one of the longest running website building CMS platforms, on top of that it has thousands of active developers building plugins for almost anything you could think of.

This while a fantastic reason to choose WordPress can be a double-edge sword at times as not all developers are built the same, making sure plugins are supported and tested with the version of WordPress you are running are vital when picking a Plugin or Theme

Why Choose WordPress over Squarespace or Wix?

Fairly cheap, easy to use, and no patching ever.

This is the main selling point for the services like Squarespace and Wix. They are designed for you to build a basic site without being able to relocate and while they are getting a lot better you are still locked into their design elements and apps.

If there are any bigger issues you are stuck with their support team which may not be in the same time zone as you.

So, why do we at WP Get use WordPress?

For us at WP Get, WordPress is the perfect storm of conveyance for our clients, allowing us to use trusted plugins and themes:

  • Elementor Pro
  • WP Rocket
  • Clear Talk
  • Ultimate Add-ons for Elementor

That we use on every site, this allows for great flexibility regarding design and ease of use for you to build and or maintain your site.

We also know WordPress, we’ve been building with, developing, and designing with WordPress since it started. This means, we can get the best performance and fix any niggly issues that may arise without causing you downtime.

On top of all that, we are so confident with the WordPress platform we include unlimited support, backups, patching, and security on all of our packages.