Why doesn’t my site show up in Google

Should my new website automatically show up in Google?

The simple answer is “Yes”.  However, how quickly it shows up in Google Searches and how it looks in the results list is dependent on many things.

The process is called “Indexing”. This occurs when Google looks at your website and determines how to list it in search results.

You can see how Google has indexed your site by typing “site:yourdomain.com” into google e.g. “site:www.wpeasy.net”. This will show you the pages that Google has indexed.

How long should it take?

Once your website is live on the internet, it should be ready for Google to “index”. However, there are billions of websites on the internet and it takes time for google to work through them all. Simply waiting for Google to find your site may take weeks before it does so.

Your website developer can speed up the process by adding the new site to Google Search Console and uploading “Site Maps” to help Google understand your website structure. By doing so it puts the site into a Priority Queue for Indexing.  Although, it is still up to Google when they actually index your site, generally I find that Google will index the site within days instead of weeks.

How will my site listings look in Google?

If you don’t do anything to tell Google how you want the listings to appear for each page, Google will simply find the title of the page, and the first paragraph of text to use as the description.

Usually, this is not how you want the listings to look.

To make your listing read well, we recommend installing and using the Yoast SEO plugin.  With this plugin you can set default titles and descriptions. You can also set the title and description of every page or post. This should be done before Google Indexes your site. We recommend doing this before making your site live.

What search terms will my site be listed for and how can I get them on Page 1?

The big question.. This process is called Search Engine Optimisation, it is beyond the scope of this article and is best left to SEO specialists.

Good SEO takes a lot of work to determine the best search terms and then put things in place to improve your websites rankings for those terms.