WPGet Terms & Conditions

Please see General Terms and Conditions first.


Most Notable Points:

1.0 – Inclusions

1.1 – WordPress site management


  • Weekly Core, Theme & Plugin updates
  • User management
  • Performance management
  • Hosting management
1.2 – Uptime monitoring24×7 Uptime monitoring. We get alerted if the site is down or unreachable
1.3 – Daily Security ScanDaily checks for newly identified vulnerabilities. If any are found, updates are done immediately to mitigate risk
1.4 – Broken link monitoringDaily Broken link monitoring. Any broken links found are reported to the client
1.5 – SEO Keyword reportingIf the client gives us a list of up to 100 keywords, their rankings and competitor information is added to the monthly client report
1.6 – Woocommerce reportingIf Woocommerce is installed and active, a store activity summary to the monthly client report
1.7 – Daily site backups – Local + CloudDaily local backups are performed with a 7 day retention ( for fast recoveries). Daily Cloud backups are performed with a 90 day retention
1.8 – Comprehensive Monthly ReportAll activity is included in a monthly report. The report includes all backups, any vulnerabilities, all updates and if selected, Woocommerce & SEO Keywords
1.9 – Unlimited User SupportSee below for details
1.10 – WordPress Optimised HostingAustralian based hosting on dedicated servers in Sydney.
1.11 – Free SSL CertificatecPanel / Lets Encrypt Free SSL certificates included
1.12 – Free Domain Name registration & renewalIf you choose to, we will register a domain name for you. As long as your subscription is current, we will keep renewing thedomain every 2 years.

2.0 – Termination

Item Description
2.1 – TERM Contract Terms are dependant on how this plan is purchased. If it is purchased as an inclusion of another plan The TERM of that plan applies. If this plan is purchased separately the TERM is monthly and may be terminated at any time
2.2 – Hosting WPEasy Hosting is included while the subscription is active. On termination of the subscription, the client will have 7 days to move their Website to another host.  After 7 days the site will be deleted from WPEasy and will not be recoverable
2.3 – Domain Name Any domain names registered by Us will be via Dreamhost reseller network. The client will retain full access to their domain and may leave it with Dreamhost or move to another registrar.
2.4 – Pay-out If this plan was purchased separately, Only monies currently owing will be payable. There will be no additional pay-out fees. If it is an inclusion with another plan. Payout terms of that plan apply. 

3.0 – Right of Refusal

WordPress websites submitted for one of our Maintenance Plans will firstly be assessed by one of our team members to ensure that it is up to a reasonable standard and is maintainable. At our discretion, we may reject the website.

3.1 – Initial AssessmentWith existing WordPress Websites we will perform a quick assessment prior to accepting the website on our management plan.
3.2 – Full Assessment

Once the initial assessment is done and the site has been accepted, we will then perform a full assessment which includes.

  • A full security scan
  • Commercial Plugin Licensing audit
  • Responsive audit
3.3 – Assessment rejection

If the website fails our assessments we may provide one of the following options:

  1. For minor issues we may offer to resolve the issues.
  2. For licensing issues, we will request that you purchase or remove unlicensed plugins
  3. We may provide a quotation to resolve issues
  4. We may reject the website and refund your initial payment

* Unlimited Support Definition

This plan includes *Unlimited support

The intention of this support is to assist with any issues that may need resolving and to educate users. It is not for further developing the website or adding new features.

which includes:

  • User education / Training.
  • User management.
  • Layout and other display issue resolution.
  • WordPress Errors.
  • WordPress plugin errors. Working with the plugin developers (limited to level of support provided by vendors).
  • Minor changes, at Our discretion.
  • Hosting issues – When hosted with Us
  • General questions
  • Performance issues

Which does not include:

  • Content creation
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • SEO or SEM
  • Major changes
  • Site redesign
  • Project work
    • Website development
    • Plugin Research or testing
    • Workflow changes
    • Feature additions; e.g. eCommerce, Memberships, Subscriptions, Booking systems etc.
    • Custom coding

Special note regarding Theme & plugin vendors:

With issues related to Plugins or Themes, although we will assist with communications/support with plugin vendors, we cannot guarantee their support response times or quality. We will make all reasonable efforts and most Vendors are pretty good. However, if the vendor is not responsive or is not able to provide resolutions, we may recommend changing to another Theme or Plugin, and cease to provide support for the offending Plugin or Theme.

How to get support/services for the items not included above:

For small projects, We have a standard hourly rate of $150 / hour including GST, charged at a minimum of 1 hour, and then per 1/2 hour or part thereof.
For larger projects, We would provide a quotation based on your requirements.


Add-on's may be added to your Business Builder when adding to the shopping cart.


Standard inclusions:

Item Description
Logo Design Get a new Logo with all sizes and formats that you will need.
Style Guide Get a comprehensive style guide to use with your website & any other marketing.
Stationery Get branded stationery with your new logo. Choose from:
  • 500 x Business cards ( 400GSM colour both sides )
  • or 1000 x With Comps slips ( 80GSM colour one side )
  • or 500 x A4 Letterhead ( 90GSM colour one side )
Plan On-off Payment of $300


Standard inclusions:

Item Description
WooCommerce Set-up We install and configure WooCommerce.
WooCommerce Style We match the WooCommerce colours & styles to your website.
Payment Gateway We help to set up your payment gateway
Training You get training on how to manage products and orders
Plan On-off Payment of $300


Standard inclusions:

Item Description
Membership Set-up We install and configure Either Crockoblock or “WooCommerce Memberships”. Notes:
  • Crockoblock is included FREE, using our agency licenses.
  • “WooCommerce Memberships” must be purchased separately by the client.
“WooCommerce Memberships” is better if the client wants to sell multiple membership levels etc.
Restricted Content We assist to create a membership area, and restrict content
Training You get training on how to manage subscriptions
Plan On-off Payment of $300

Cloud SPAM Filtering

Standard inclusions:

Item Description
Cloud Based SPAM Filter We set up Cloud Based SPAM filtering for your email domain
Coverage Unlimited email accounts on a a domain
Plan This plan is an annual subscription