How do I Build My Business?

How do I build my business is a common question we hear from a lot of business owners. Here we will deep dive into the key elements you need to help build your business. Consequently, you will be able to take these key strategies and move forward with your business growth.

Business building starts with a good foundation. Here we will explore what is needed to develop a solid business plan and build your business growth strategy. Consequently, by applying these tips you’ll see your business start to grow.

To begin your business growth plan, you will need to know your;

  • Current financial position
  • Current marketing and sales strategies and figures

Additionally, it is handy to have your anticipated sales projections on hand along with any relevant competitor information that may help shape your sales strategy.

To begin your business growth plan, you need to determine where you want to be. What does this look like in terms of sales, staff, and turnover. Think about your ideal scenario and base your projections around this.  List out what these figures will be.

From the list you have complied now list out what you will need to make it happen. For example, if you have identified that you would like to ship out 100 units of your product over a 30-day period list out what resources you will need to make this happen. These could be;

  • Extra staff for production
  • Sourcing extra materials
  • What additional process are needed

Now you have identified where you want to be and what resources you will need to make it happen it’s time to identify the key advisors you need to get the ball rolling. These are key people who are experts in their field that therefore can give you the best advice on how to get started. Some key advisors can include marketing and sales, websites and ecommerce, organisation management, strategy and development.

These key advisors will help you flesh out your business plan and provide solid pathways forward to implement your new goals.

A good website is the foundation for all solid business growth. Consequently, making sure your website is working for you and not against is a key factor to making your business a success.

A good place to start with your website is asking yourself, ‘is my website visible to the people who need to see it? In other terms is your ideal target market finding your website easily and engaging with it? A good way to track this is to ask all your incoming leads where they heard about you. Another good way to track this is to monitor your google analytics for your site and compare the demographic data against that of your customer.

The next question you need to ask regarding your business website is, is it easy to navigate and functional? This means that your site should be well laid out and ordered in a way that is easy for your client to navigate to find what they need. If they need to click too many times to get to their desired page there is a good chance they will lose interest and click out of your site.

Finally, you need to ask, is your website doing what you need it to do? That is, if your website is there to sell your products is it doing that? If you are focused on increasing your online band does your website reflect this? If you’re needing your website to produce leads are you seeing these come through?

If your website is not hitting the mark in the area that you’ve indicated that its supposed to then it’s time to call in the professionals for a website analysis and re boot. Once your website is running well and doing what it needs to do you’ll notice a dramatic in your business growth.

If you’re website is the hub of your business, then your social media and digital marketing are the legs that give it momentum. Here we look at how a solid social media and digital marketing strategy. Can help cement your business growth.

The first place to start is by making sure that your business social media pages are active. You don’t need to be on every channel, just the social media channels that you think best resonate with your ideal target market. Take a moment to have a think about where your ideal target market hangs out online and then make sure your business is visible on that channel.

Once you’ve made sure that your business social media pages are visible in the right channels the next step is to make sure that your business contact information is correct across all channels. Quite often we update our email addresses or postal addresses and forget to update them online making it hard for our ideal customers to contact us. Scheduling a six-monthly audit of all your social media channels is always a good idea and a great process to have.

Secondly, you need to make sure you have a solid social media strategy in place. This is a strategy which will guide your content creation, the frequency of your posting, how you engage and what channels you are posting it. This strategy needs to be quite fluid and move with the changes in your business. Consulting with a social media manager is a great way to get started and will ensure that you are working effectively for your business.

Creating a moving planer will help you stay on top of your key growth strategies and therefore allow you to adjust as needed. Here we discuss how a moving planner can be your key to business growth success.

So, what is a moving planner? Quite simply it is a document that allows you to track your goals and shows you where to adjust where needed. To get started you need to set a base point for each of your key categories. These could be; sales, leads, product production,  cold calls etc. You nominate the categories that you wish to track for business growth and the units that you as a business measure by.

We suggest that businesses use a simple excel spreadsheet to track these points as they are easy to navigate and use and can be easily updated.

Once you’ve identified your categories you wish to track and your base line figure it’s time to set your ideal target point. This is the figure that you want to achieve and that you need to hit to meet your business goals. Now you moving planner is a simple as tracking your progress. Get into a habit of updating your planner regularly. This will give you good data that you can use to identify any weak areas in the business that need addressing or show you areas that are booming.

It’s called a moving planner because your target numbers are flexible. Your goals move with your business and as your business grows your goals change and your focus changes. This data will be worth its weight in gold to help you make effective business decisions and implement good strategy to aid your business growth. You can use this moving planner to set goals and action lists for yourself and team, the world is really your oyster here!

So, in answer to the question, how do I build my business we can see that there are several strategies focused in four key areas: creating an effective business plan, setting your website as they hub of your business growth, building the legs of your website through social media and digital marketing and finally tracking your growth by implementing and using a moving planner. If you concentrate on these key areas and get advice where needed, you’ll see your business grow beyond your wildest dreams!